miss sapphire snow

I was photographing the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival when i first saw Miss Sapphire Snow. It was the opening gala night and when she appeared onstage with huge pink feathers, i was instantly fascinated. I loved her energy and i loved her smile. I photographed her several more times during the festival and we would often cross paths late at night. When i finally asked to take her picture the response was a huge YES! Here we are a few months later and i'm sharing with you some of my favourite pictures from this weeks photo session. A big thanks goes out to Amanda Nash for Hair & Makeup ... Thanks Mandy! Thanks Miss Snow! Lets do it again soon 

Sapphire Snow at the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Miss Sapphire Snow
Miss Sapphire Snow
Miss Sapphire Snow


I like Driller. I've known him for a long time and we've shared beers, laughs and cigarettes at many weddings. He's a great DJ and a bloody great artist. Years ago i said "I want to photograph you. I want to take your portrait." And finally i got him in front of my camera for a portrait session.

Leading up to the shoot, i really had no idea what i was going to do and thought i'd just leave it to the day and wing it. I have a habit of 'just winging it' with everything in my life and sometimes its great and sometimes its not! But i'm glad i did cause i'm so happy with the pictures. Even Driller 'winged' it cause he forgot i was coming ...

Driller has a beautiful owl called William Henry and on the morning of the shoot i decided that he had to be part of the portrait. Gorgeous creature! 

Thanks Driller!

mr humphries

Last year i received a phone call asking if i'd be available to photograph Barry Humphries and obviously my answer was some swear words and a huge YES!  Mr Humphries is the Artistic Director for the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival and my job was to photograph his portrait and behind the scenes during the filming of the Cabaret TVC. Was it fun? Yes! Barry is a legend and very very funny and with a crew of about 20 or so people laughing all day, i'll leave it to your imagination. 
Amongst other things we chatted about Italian food and there was a period when i think he seriously considered my invitation to dinner at my parents house for mum's cooking. Just imagine that...

telephone rings… "hello Ma…!"

Thanks Adelaide Festival Centre for having me as your photographer for the day and thankyou Mr Humphries, it was a pleasure to meet and photograph you. I hope we meet again soon.