I like Driller. I've known him for a long time and we've shared beers, laughs and cigarettes at many weddings. He's a great DJ and a bloody great artist. Years ago i said "I want to photograph you. I want to take your portrait." And finally i got him in front of my camera for a portrait session.

Leading up to the shoot, i really had no idea what i was going to do and thought i'd just leave it to the day and wing it. I have a habit of 'just winging it' with everything in my life and sometimes its great and sometimes its not! But i'm glad i did cause i'm so happy with the pictures. Even Driller 'winged' it cause he forgot i was coming ...

Driller has a beautiful owl called William Henry and on the morning of the shoot i decided that he had to be part of the portrait. Gorgeous creature! 

Thanks Driller!